alm.a.rte Transpersonal Art. virtual or presential *Groups (english)

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It is a program that I designed by fusing artistic practices with kundalini yoga, where using meditation, breathing techniques and physical exercises we will be able to unlock energies of the physical body that will allow us to enter a deeper space of communication with our internal or essential SELF.
Emptying ourselves of outside noise is essential to commit the practice with more openness and presence.

Far from practicing art with what is fashionable or based on pre-established criteria, we will use art as a path of Self-understanding, love of life and transformation.
It is important that you discover your particular way of perceiving life and The World and how you can express yourself in it with your own gifts and your creativity.
The creative dimension has always been present in human evolution, allowing us to generate new objects from the observation of what surrounds us, such as devising survival systems.
Practicing conscious art makes it easier for us to bring this creative process to meet our deepest dimension.
There are many experts who affirm that Art is healing in both sides by exercising it or by being the recipient. Picasso already named it in a very clarifying way when he said that “art shakes the dust of everyday life from the soul”
Transpersonal Art allows us to channel any emotion that needs to be expressed in a safe, friendly and respectful way to be understood.
It is a way of expression for what somehow remains hidden or not manifest. And that emphasizes the process of realization itself more than the final result.

In this practice of Transpersonal Art, silence and contemplative observation are the main guides. Generating a safe space where the person can explore their internal processes (thoughts, emotions…)

Transpersonal development allows us to go beyond the physical, the mental and the emotional, pointing us to a more Spiritual Dimension. where we not only take care of the work with that part called identity, but we walk towards the cultivation of the Transcendent Dimension of Consciousness.

The artistic manifestation is related to an awakening of the internal world, it is a bridge to the home of the essential being.

That’s right, Art has a necessary Spiritual Quality, inquiring into artistic manifestation is really inquiring into human nature itself. That is why, as we pointed out previously, it is necessary to explore art beyond the judgments and labels that society has imposed.

The true evolution of consciousness through Art is to intend to develop one’s own consciousness in oneself, empty oneself to go beyond the limits self-imposed by the ego, to walk towards the integral path where everything has its place. .

Finally, beyond Art in any of its manifestations, alm.a.rte will allow you to train your gaze so that you can percive the creativity that unfolds in every moment of life.

In short, alm.a.rte will cultivate the creative attitude in you beyond Art itself, an attitude that will allow you to let go of outdated patterns and realize that you are the artist of the greatest Work of Art that is Yourself!!!




What will this experience be like?
Each gathering develops in a unique way. Although there is a structure that supports and guides this adventure, each meeting will have its own guiding Spirit.

In all our meetings we will sit on cushions on the floor creating a circle, with the intention of generating a closer and more relaxed space between us. Don’t worry if you are not able to sit on the floor, there will always be accommodation for you.

Even though the variety and quantity of activities depends on the type of workshop, the practices of pranayamas (breathing exercises), kundalini yoga, meditations, listening space, relaxation, artistic activity, space to share and a refresh will always take place.

To take flight on this beatiful trip the only thing you need to bring is a magic carpet (yoga mat), in case you don’t have it, don’t worry, you dont have to get one, we will provide it with much love so you don’t miss out on this magic experience.

Who is this workshop for?

Well… for all, all and all !!

Here there are no restrictions, it does not matter if you know how to meditate or not, if you have ever practiced yoga, or if you have never had the opportunity to learn any artistic discipline… even better! Come and live this experience with all that innocence involved,so that you can enjoy art and yourself on a journey without limits.

Now, if you are one of those who is navigating in the world of art and you feel some blockage in your creative state, either due to dealing with mundane issues that demand a lot of energy and attention, or just simply need to investigate an emotional state, from a transpersonal journey here is an invitation for you to experience, unlock, discover and reinvent your deepest states with a more conscious sight.

This beautiful workshop if it can be called like that, although it sounds a little stiff, is also designed for groups of family, friends, sports teams or any kind that is going through a difficult moment, either due to grief or for any other reason. type of complex circumstances that at us a group we often have to face.

We always find ourselves as a family/group going through complex circumstances, in many cases, although I dare say that breaks, divisions, isolation and even separations begin to occur in most of them due to not being able to carry out these challenges in a healthy and joint way. . Unfortunately this happens because we feel a big emotional responsibility with our clan, and naturally we do not know how to deal with what I have to process on an intimate and personal level, so we decide to ignore this process and turn to the attention and care of those who according to our perception we think that  needs it more. Sadly this self-abandonment will generate serious repercussions in our inner world, which logically will affect the family nucleus / group in the future. Without exception, this happens with each of the members of the groups/family members, they block and ignore the personal process so as not to affect the other and in this way they all end up affecting each other unconsciously.

Alm.a.rte offers the possibility of generating a safe space so that the group/family can share, feel and releasing both emotional and mental obligations and limitations that have been self-imposed. Promoting the acceptance and integration of each personal process towards the group. Completely deactivating any self-deprecating attitude such as denial, isolation, guilt, shame, etc.

This does not necessarily mean that you have to be going through a crisis in your life to live this experience, otherwise this gift may find you in a prosperous and full stage of your life and you just feel interesting incorporating techniques and tools that allow you and yours the expansion and development of self-awareness, in this way you will be able to embrace yourself in all your dimensions and integrate artistic tools to discover yourself and grow at all levels.

  • Workshop for 6 people, but also you can add aditional person untill 10 in total.
  • Eges: 6 years – adult
  • Child groups: mores than 6 kids, must be adult attending.
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